• Alterations Can Grow Your Wardrobe

    Do you have numerous items in your closet that you do not wear because they need simple alterations?  There are so many possibilities:

    • Shirts that need one or more buttons sewn on
    • Skirt that is too long or two short
    • Jeans that need to be hemmed – you want the original hem to stay in tact
    • Slacks that need to be shortened or made longer
    • Suit jacket that needs the sleeves shortened
    • Waist band that needs to be taken in or let out
    • A dress that you love but it just needs a little TLC to make it current

    All of these items can be done quickly without breaking the bank.  Go through your closet and pick out one or two items that you do not wear.  If it needs an alteration, get it done.  If it just doesn’t fit in your life anymore, donate it and let someone else enjoy wearing it.